Lord Caoimhin mac an Fhleisdeir, CAH

SCA - Drachenwald - Emerald Glen

This small booklet is a step-by-step instruction to build your own Self-Nock Arrows.

1. Tools you will need:

The next items you will only need if you want to cut your own fletching shape

2. Material (which you will need for several arrows):

3. Material which you need for making one arrow:

The 17 steps for building your own self-nocked arrows.

Part A: Shaft prepatation

1. Cutting the raw nock in the shaft

2. Getting the raw nock wide

3. Making a round bottom in the nock

4. Shape the inside of the nock

5. Shape the outside of the nock

6. Sanding nock and shaft

7. Cutting the shaft on the desired length

8. Tapering the front part of the shaft to get the head on

9. Checking the possition of the head

10. Paint or stain the shaft

11. Gluing the head on the Shaft

Part B: Fletching

12. Cutting the fletches in shape

13. Gluing the fletches on the shaft

14. Wraping the fletches on the shaft

15. Fixing the wrap

Part C: Finishing

16. Crest the shaft

17. Getting the arrow waterproof